The time has come to open the wardrobe and change the season. And it is precisely at this moment that we realize what is no longer in fashion or that skirts and trousers are tight or too loose. So … go shopping.
But how not to fall into compulsive shopping and then get caught up in feelings of guilt? We asked an expert, Carla Gozzi , currently working together with Enzo Miccio in “Shopping Night” , broadcast on Thursday on Real Time (channel 31) in prime time.

Is there a method for shopping?
«First of all,” tackle “the wardrobe, try all the clothes from last winter and select what to keep. Then check that in your closet there is a proper “balance”, that is if you are missing pieces to wear over (shirts or sweaters) or below (skirts and trousers) “.

Which pieces to buy now without repenting when they are on sale?
«First of all, a pair of black or leather-colored boots in leather or suede. And then a coat in Prince of Wales print fabric, which is always up-to-date and can be worn with a scarf or over a light down jacket ».
Speaking of quilts, is it worth spending crazy sums?
“No. The goose down can be replaced with those of polyester, a more ecological and also very warm material that is also used to produce the batteries “.

How about knitwear?
«If you want to take the whim out of a pure cashmere sweater, better wait for the sales. A good alternative is the angora, which is very soft and has a great capacity to retain heat “.

Let’s talk about a very popular accessory for women: the bag.
«An important day bag is a great investment. But without emptying your credit card you can find models of great designer labels in excellent condition, with a certificate of authenticity, at vintage prices in vintage shops or online auction sites ».

The biggest mistake in shopping?
“Blindly reproduce the looks proposed in shop windows or buy a garment just because it is fashionable”.